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Membership in the Collaborative Healthcare Urgency Group (CHUG) provides your facility with the emergency preparation needed to respond to disasters. Whether it be professional training in specialized emergency planning, the support of sheltering-in-place, or facilitating an evacuation, CHUG is ready 24/7/365 to protect your patients / residents.

The following benefits are included in your CHUG membership:

  • On-Call Disaster Response (24/7/365) to Support Sheltering-In-Place or Facilitate Evacuations
  • Expert Training of Your Staff to Activate and Safely Carry-Out the CHUG Evacuation Program
  • Assistance for Shletering-in-Place Including the Power Systems Trailers and Additional Supplies
  • A Mutual Aid Agreement With Over 450 CHUG Member Facilities Who Are Prepared to Receive Your Patients
  • Access to PPERS (Emergency Transportation Providers) for Safe and Proper Transportation of Patients, Equipment, and Staff to Receiving Facility
  • Membership in Local Clusters (To Create Supportive Partnerships with Other Members in Your Area)
  • Discounts on a Variety of Expertly Presented Emergency Preparedness Workshops
  • Access to the Latest Emergency Preparedness Information
  • Participation in Emergency Exercises and Drills That Allow Your Staff To Practice Disaster Response

If you would like to become a member of CHUG, please fill out the form below and click on the SUBMIT button. We will send you the proper application information.

(If you have general questions regarding CHUG, please send them to